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Medical Equipment Unit

TensCare is Europe’s largest provider of TENS machines. With continuous research and development at the heart of TensCare, latest range of TENS machines have been designed with a reliable distinctly modern look and feel that would provide safe and effective solution for relieving pain with the most advanced digital TENS technology available.

Biodex Medical Systems, (USA)

Biodex Medical Systems, Inc., has been providing customers with innovative products and service excellence for more than 60 years. Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy department includes a range of products such as balance systems, Dynamometers, Ergometers, Treadmills, unweighing systems and more. 

Hur, (Finland)

HUR is the world-leading supplier of exercise solutions to active ageing, rehabilitation and the 40+ wellness markets, the mission of HUR is to provide the best concepts and products for lifelong strength. The HUR air resistance (PNEUMATIC) exercise equipment is manufactured in Finland

HUR aims thereby to contribute to solving the big socio-economic challenges arising from an ageing society, improve quality of life for the user, increase revenues for HUR customers and lower costs for society as a whole.


TUR (Germany)

TUR develop, manufacture and distribute equipment for both stationary and mobile electrotherapy.

Scifit, (USA)

Based in Tulsa- Oklahoma/USA, SCIFIT started in 1987 and specializes in manufacturing fitness equipment with great focus on people with low strength, low stamina or limited range of motion. SCIFIT equipment are used in physiotherapy and cardiac rehab. SCIFIT equipment offer easy access for wheelchair users.

Hur Labs, (Finland)

HUR Labs is a leading international vendor of products for testing of human physical performance (BALANCE, JUMP, and ISOMETRIC STRENGTH TESTING). Top professionals in healthcare, sports and research use HUR Labs testing products to obtain accurate and trustworthy data of their customers. HUR Labs is a part of HUR group of companies. HUR is an innovator and manufacturer of exercise equipment mainly targeted at rehabilitation and senior wellness.

Optomic, (Spain)

OPTOMIC is a company dedicated to the manufacture of medical equipment, with a great knowledge and application in electronics, optics and precision mechanics. Optomic specialities range in the field of ENT,Gynaecology, Dental, Urology,Laparoscopy and Arthroscopy.

Rocktape, (USA)

ROCKTAPE is a brand of quality kinesiology tape that has established itself as the tape of choice for numerous professional in Physiotherapy rehabilitation centers, sports teams and athletes.

Physiotools, (USA)

Physiotools a unique software that allows a smart way to create exercise handouts that helps Physiotherapist and Patients alike.

Fysra, (Finland)

Fysra Oy is a Finnish company specialising in the manufacture of high quality medical furniture. In the design of Fysra treatment tables and beauty chairs special attention has been paid to functionality and usability. In creating all products, work ergonomics and comfort for patient and practitioner alike are the deciding factors. The appearance has also been fine-tuned, for a more stylish product range than ever before.

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