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April 19, 2017
Zahrawi's TownHall

Zahrawi Gulf had its first TownHall on the 19th April 2017 at JW Marriott in Dubai. The TownHall brought together the group CEO & MD, Dr. Ahmed Emara, senior management, sales division heads, managers and Supervisors across Sales and Support function from UAE & Qatar together in one platform.
The TownHall is nothing but a boost to a two-way communication which can positively affect an organization in many ways with the ultimate goal of potentially growing the sales: top line and of course bottom line in a healthy and sustainable way.

This TownHall meeting enabled the senior leadership team to keep mid-management better informed across all company functions, engaged and in line with the business goals for 2017 and in sync with the new 2017-2019 growth cycle of the company. This ensured that right information is cascaded down the line to Line managers and in turn to every employee in the organization. The meeting also encouraged and increased feedback from managers up the hierarchical ladder.
Senior management and every Sales Division Head and Support Function Department Heads had an opportunity to present their growth for the first quarter and plans for the upcoming quarter which helped each one have more understanding of the business in other departments.
Dr. Emara congratulated the team for the good closure of 2014-2016 growth cycle, conveyed strategic key messages and announced the kind approval for the Super bonus; where applicable, across all company positions.

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