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August 03, 2016
Scenario planning session

The Surgical Division along the Medical & Lab divisions managers had gathered to conduct a “Scenario Planning Session” that was organized by the Surgical team and was held on the 3rd of August 2016 at Jumeirah Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi.

Our Executive Director Mr. Abdulrahman Ramadan joined the session along with Ahmed Issa the Sr. Lab division manager & Mohamad Jaber the Sr. Medical Division manager.

The focal question for the session was “How will the UAE Healthcare Market evolve in the next three years considering the frequently changing insurance policies and healthcare regulations in general and in ways that are relevant to Al Zahrawi Medical?”

The session included a talk about the subject by the CEO of Al Noor Hospital – Khalifa Rd Mr. Bassam Sayad followed by Q&A. All attendees participated by asking vital questions and received answers where a rich discussion and a great dialogue was created. The meeting with Mr. Bassam reflected on the strong relationship between Zahrawi Medical and Al Noor hospital.

The session’s outcome was a great insight of what might happen in the UAE healthcare market in the upcoming 3 years. Information was compiled by the team and shared by David Fawzy the Sr. Surgical Division Manager where everyone benefited from having a better view of the solid future of Zahrawi.

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