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May 01, 2016
Zahrawi Medical's success story at Al Noor Hospital.

Project Overview
Zahrawi’s Lab team found an opportunity to provide a Lab solution to our existing end user (Al Noor Hospital, Abu Dhabi) for automating every step of the H&E process from baking to drying.
The Challenge
Zahrawi’s continuous dedication to overcome challenges that accompany each project started on January 2013 when our team started the initial discussions with Al Noor hospital lab management to offer an advance solution to replace their existing system for H&E processing relying on great features and showing the benefits of the transformation. Discussions were followed with long negotiations with the hospital procurement which lead to high level involvement from both hospital and AZM’s top management. Daily Follow up and communication with all stakeholders of this project was at the core of how the team insured securing the deal in addition to building a solid relationship with the end user through providing needed data, information and references. AZM’s lab team had another challenge to overcome where one of our main competitors in the market saved no effort in promoting their products and trying to finalize the deal for their favor. AZM’s team faced the competition with a solid product knowledge, showed their dedication serving our customers and made sure the end user is well aware of the proposed solution advantages and closed the door on the competition.

In March 2016, Al Noor hospital in Abu Dhabi has released the official contract for AZM’s favor for both the Coverstainer and Artisan Link


Taking on Challenges
-Strong competition was present with our main competitor in the market who proposed to them their solution with no direct handling of reagents with built-in fumes filter
-As the hospital doesn’t have a proper laboratory exhaust system, the competition was so tough due to quality standards and regulations and Al Noor Team's were really convinced by the competitor’s products and their price as well.
Providing the Right Solution
Our lab team proposed a solution to meet hospital needs in terms of quality and budget. The solution provided high quality staining technology with Dako reagents and a solid separate waste management tool to reduce the disposals charges. In addition to that a great reference played a role in sealing the deal which is having Burjeel Hospital Abu Dhabi as a reference where site visits were arranged and executed to the best it can be.


The partnership with Dako to provide the Coverstainer and Artisan Link Pro, in addition to the extensive daily effort of AZM’s management and team were the essence of this success where AZM was able to satisfy Al Noor’s management and the end user’s expectations in terms of quality standards and support.

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